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Photo Day is now quick and easy for parents, the team, and coaches!


Virtual Team 06Virtual Team 06


Virtual Team Photo Day

GameON Photography is excited to bring cutting edge technology to your school or youth organization! With this technology, we individually photograph all athletes using several poses. Back at our design studio, we extract the images to build a virtual team and individual photos along with cutting edge graphics. 

Oh, did I mention..... No more standing around waiting to get the team photo! 

There are 2 methods of Virtual Photography:
HiLite Box 

The newest technology is the HiLite Box (on the left). We are able to create masterful key lighting, front & back, for each individual athlete. This controlled lighting allows each individual to be exposed evenly. Our team of designers start to extract the images to be used in the team and individual designs.



Cheer Green Screen2Cheer Green Screen2

Virtual Green Screen Photo Day

Similar to the HiLite Box, our Green Screen technology also allows us to extract individual images. The major difference is lighting - which is done from the front of the individual. Our designers extract the images that will be used in our Virtual Team and Individual designs.

HiLite or Green Screen methods can be used interchangeably depending on location space, the color of uniforms, or other factors. 

Our GameON staff will discuss what best fits your team or organization. 




Traditional 3Traditional 3

Traditional Photo Day

With a Traditional Photo Day, no Green Screen or HiLite backgrounds are used for individuals or teams, only your field, gym, or rink as a backdrop. 

These types of photos have a limited amount of extraction and graphic design. School colors, logo, and individual names will be added. 

To the left are examples of Memory Mates using the traditional photo day method. Choose from Traditional, GameON Sky, Location background.

new trad teamnew trad team  

Traditional Team Photo

With Traditional Photo Day, we will line up the team together for the photo, using your location as a background. There will be no HiLite or Green Screen, so the entire team will be taken together. You will get a beautiful team photo with school color, logo's and year added.









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