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“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham


Professional Dance Photography by Professional Photographers

GameOn is committed to giving each individual a unique portrait that they can share and cherish forever.  We would love to customize a session that celebrates your artistry, technique, and dedication to dance. After your photo session, a private gallery is created for you to view your images.  Here you will be able to choose which images you would like to purchase as digital images and/or order custom prints.

From hair and makeup to specific dance moves GameOn will be by your side every step of the way to help you achieve the best dance techniques to celebrate your hard work. Book your Dance Session and free consultation today!    (Consultations can be done at our studio located at 997 Perry Highway or via Zoom call)

Studio sessions, as well as professional makeup and hairstyling suited to your needs, are available. 


Pre-Session Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discuss your vision. Every photo should have a clear purpose, some provide context, others are designed to evoke a mood. Assigning a purpose ensures that the images and entire photoshoot will be understood.

There are many variables that go into creating dance images. The consultant will discuss the different types of photoshoots, digital images (to enhance or not to enhance), outfit coordination, budget, products, and more.

GameON can provide a Dance Consultant for your photoshoot to help you with subtle adjustments that will make all the difference in a photograph. Hair and Make-up are available upon request for a nominal fee. These needs will also be discussed during the pre-consult.


Dance PhotoShoots

In Studio - Let us turn your hard work, the sacrifices you’ve made, and all that you’ve achieved into stunning dance portraits that highlight your passion, strength, and talent that makes you the unique dancer that you are.  Our recently renovated 2,000 square foot studio, state-of-the-art Sony equipment, makes up artist, and hands-on dance consultant will help you with subtle adjustments that will make all the difference in a photograph.  Our award-winning photographers are masters of lighting techniques working alongside our in-studio dance consultant and graphic design team will make the images at the end of your session, achieve high-quality dance photography. 

Location Photography - Location, Location, Location! This is our specialty! Our team will work with you to secure a location and the logistics of the photoshoot. Our photo technicians will bring our state-of-the-art studio on-site, and using the natural surroundings, give you the same high-quality images as our indoor studio. Our graphic designer can also add enhancements to location images to give you that WOW factor!


Dance Schools

The staff at GameOn will make photo day a breeze. Our team of photographers will travel to your location and create a professional on-site photo studio. Our resident professional dance consultant will help dancers capture artistic dance portraits, energetic action shots, and group photos. We are passionate about what we do, creating keepsake photos that dancers and their families can treasure for years to come.

There is no cost to your dance studio and we make it easy for studio directors to organize a picture day. Our staff works closely with your dance studio to plan an efficient photoshoot schedule.  Parents can order from an easy-to-use online order form or they can order pictures from our website.  Contact us today to schedule your photo session


Audition Photoshoots

Taken in our studio using a neutral backdrop. In the pre-session consult, we will discuss the type of dance companies for whom you are auditioning to prepare in advance of the shoot. It is important for the company director to view your audition images and know about you in the very few seconds they have to look at your images.

Preparation is key!  It often takes 10, 20, 30, even 40 tries to get the perfect angle with the right head, lines, and facial expression. We can provide our dance consultant to help you achieve the perfect images during your photo session




Photo Session Rates

There are many variables that go into creating images and packages.  Our staff is happy to schedule a consultation either in person or via video conference to plan the details of your session and tour our studio.  We offer a choice of photo sessions at different rates, depending on the type and length of the session. Digital and print packages are priced separately.  Standard digital & print packages are available, or we can customize the perfect package for you!  Please contact us for our pricing.


Professional Headshots

Your headshot communicates your personality, style and who you are, a professional headshot is a crucial element to taking your image to a more professional level. 




Wardrobe & Make-Up

Beyond your technique, competition judges look at your makeup ..... really!  GameOn offers an in-house makeup artist if so desired. 

Fine Art Photography

Photography becomes art when our designers find the common thread between the dancer and the design concept. Whether you choose an in-studio photo shoot or on location, we can digitally enhance any of our images with smoke, powder, water, fire, color matching, etc. to create a one-of-a-kind photo that can be displayed in your home or added to your portfolio. Pricing is based on the number of effects and graphic design time. This type of photography can be discussed during the pre-session consult.














Designs by GameOn

At your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to talk to our designers about your vision.  Our designers then go to work for you making your vision a reality in a beautiful fine art keepsake that you will cherish for a lifetime. 


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