Sky Blue Photo Day

Relax it's going to be a beautiful day for your next Photo Day.



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Sky Blue
With our Sky Blue Background, there are no weather issues.  Schedule your date without the worry about the weather impacting your photo day.  The Blue Sky is a more traditional background and can be set up in the gym, recreation center, cafeteria or hallway, Photo Day is quick and easy.

No Rain Dates
Take the stress out of scheduling a rain date for photo day.  With our Sky Blue backdrop, the weather is not an issue so rain dates are a thing of the past.  Our staff is here to help.  Photo day is only the beginning we'll be with you throughout the entire season, from scheduling your photo day to the season-ending banquet we are here to help. 

State of the Art Studio Lighting
One of the great advantages of working indoors is being able to set up state of the art studio-style lighting for all your athletes which in return produces amazing results. 

Our GameON Staff
Our team of professionals is here to answer any questions that you may have.  On photo day we arrive 2 hours ahead of your first scheduled group to be photographed.  Our goal is to make your photo day as effortless as possible, we'll do all the heavy lifting. 

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