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School Sports

Experience Our photographers have been capturing the greatest sports moments in and around Pittsburgh for the past three decades. 

We Work For You  Our staff is there to serve your team on picture day and throughout the season.

Stress-Free Photo Day We arrive early to set up photo stations and rope off areas. An on-site staff member to collect forms and answer questions.

Virtual vs Traditional Photo Day Learn more by clicking on the quick link below.

Products Large catalog of products that are customized to your school & sport.

Easy Ordering & Delivery Advance order forms or online ordering. 10 day delivery of orders

Advanced Equipment We use state of the art SONY cameras, backgrounds, and lighting to create unparalleled images

Cutting Edge Graphics Extreme sports designs using your theme, school colors, and logo

Banners and Posters for Seniors and Team

✦ Photo Coverage for Senior Night and Special Events

✦ Game Action: Regular Season & Championship Run (upon request)

✦ Program Covers and Yearbook Design

✦ Senior Gifts: Specialty photo products available
✦ Fundraising: We have many ideas and products to help your team - Just ask!


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